Claire Cullen14/11/22

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Session 4: Sustainable digital foundations

The fourth in Giant Digital's Web3 series for charities, Maria (Mia) Marenco looks at some of the considerations for charities wanting to make the most of opportunities in the world of Web3. 

Mia's presentation looks at some of the advantages of using new technologies correctly from the outset, and how charities can future proof their digital activities with careful implementation. She also shares thoughts on what beneficiaries, donors and other external stakeholders might expect from charities operating within the Web3 space.

Web3 is an exciting area of digital development, but as Mia points out, exploring these new technologies should be done with careful consideration. Making sure your charity has a good understanding of Web3 and has safeguarded against potential threats is extremely important. As is ensuring you are a credible participant in the eyes of those interacting with your organisation. Her message - take expert advice when you can, it will serve you well in the longer term.

Other presentations in this Web3 series are available on our Giant Digital channel. Look out for our quarterly events for more charity digital inspiration!

About the Speaker:

profile photo of Maria Marenco (Mia)

Maria Marenco - CEO & Founder, Mentfort

Maria (Mia) is a dynamic and creative Innovation specialist and entrepreneur, with extensive experience working in the intersection between humans and technology. She is a self-starting entrepreneur, a healthcare informatician, mental health and digital specialist and blockchain strategist and advisor. 

Mia participates in specialist groups that explore and educate around the potentials and implications of decentralised technologies, with a special focus on the cultural and ethical considerations of technology adaptions and the importance of stakeholders’ value of social and socio-economic impacts. She works with NGOs, SMEs, the public sector, private sector, and academia to strengthen the collaborative work between entities, Eco-system build-up, strategy, and facilitating cross-pollination to reach the targets and objectives, with a strong focus on sustainability

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